The following resources are helpful for running your freelance business.

Time & Task Tracking is a task and time tracker that makes it easy to keep on track of projects. Freelancers can get started for free, and upgrade as their business grows.

Toggl is a time tracker which is heavily used by freelancers all over the world. The free plan can be limiting, but the interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Harvest is a time tracking application that is free to use for your first two projects, but then requires a paid plan for more projects.


/r/freelance on Reddit is a great place for new freelancers to get basic questions answered. The moderation team can occasionally be heavy-handed, but there is a helpful engaged community there.

/r/digitalnomad on Reddit is another community for freelancers, focused on those who work remotely and travel. Conversation is more focused on the logistics of living and working remotely, rather than the business aspects of freelancing.

GigLoft is a paid “school” for freelancers, with lessons and support for new freelancers starting on their journey. It is currently focused on freelance writers, but may provide assistance and training for all freelancers.

Freelance Mastermind is a paid community for experienced freelancers. It is a varied community of seasoned professionals, who work together to make freelancing a bit less lonely.